Water Damage Restoration

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When you are faced with a water damage disaster it can be a shocking experience. So Clean Inc. will be there to work for YOU, and help you each step of the way through the whole experience.

It is imperative that you call a licensed restoration company immediately. Insurance companies will deny coverage if a disaster is not handled in the proper time. Secondary damage can be much more expensive if a water damage disaster is not restored quickly.  Contact So Clean Immediately  if you are experiencing water damage.

Water Damage Experts At Your House In One Hour!


  • Show up at your property within 60 minutes to properly assess the damage.
  • The technician will then inform you the steps required to handle your restoration project. Cost depends on the cause of the disaster and insurance coverage. So Clean Inc. will develop the most affordable solution to restore your property. Facing a flood damage disaster can truly a stressful situation. So Clean Inc. will exceed in educating you the proper procedures to take with your unique job.
  • First, determine the type of water damage you are faced with. There are 3 types of water damage category classifications:
    • Category 1 Water (also known as Clean Water) – this refers to water that is uncontaminated at the source, and poses no threat if consumed by humans or animals.(Category 1 may sometimes be treated just with water extraction a disinfectant, air movers and dehumidifiers,no matter how small or larger your disaster so clean is here for you.)
    • Category 2 Water (also known as Grey Water) – this refers to water that has a degree of contamination present at the source. This may cause some discomfort or illness if consumed by humans or animals.
    • Category 3 Water (also known as Black Water) – this is water that is highly contaminated at the source and may cause serious illness or even death if consumed by humans or animals. Containing harmful bacteria and unsanitary agents.

Water Damage Restoration Near MeCategory 2 & 3 cannot just be dried and cleaned.  If not handled properly, category 2 & 3 can cause further secondary damage among other future issues, and/or worst case it may make you, or a family member ill.

  • Second, call your insurance company and file a claim (So Clean Inc. can assist and help the process go smoothly)
    • Once you as the property owner are satisfied with all the information you are given. We can attack the disaster properly and efficiently.
    • Our water damage restoration professional will begin taking photos and documenting all of the damage. We then will extract all the water affected areas with our truck mounted equipment.
    • We will take any content required to our climate controlled warehouse for safekeeping. Our facility is monitored by video surveillance, to ensure the security of your belongings. All items are inventoried and prepped for the move.(bubble wrap, boxed, etc..)
    • Any areas that were damaged will be removed and disposed of.(drywall, wood, cabinets, etc..)
    • Air movers and Dehumidifiers will be placed in the affected rooms to dry the structure. This ensures no further damage. Then they will disinfect the structure.(mold removal, drying, etc.)
      • This process takes approximately 3 – 4 days depending on the amount and size of areas affected.
      • In this time there will be a certified estimator from So Clean Inc. using the same billing program all insurance companies use called Xactimate. The tech will get all the measurements and layout of all the areas affected. This documentation will be submitted to your insurance company to get everything covered.
    • By the time this process is taking place the equipment will be picked up. The structure will be dry and disinfected.
    • Once the insurance company approves everything we have quoted for we begin the last phase.
    • The remaining damaged items that cannot be repaired, will be removed and disposed of in preparation for replacement back to a pre loss condition.
    • Our reconstruction manager comes to your home and brings sample items for you to choose from (tile , carpet , cabinets, etc)
    • All the reconstruction begins and this is where you truly see our quality and attention to detail.
    • Once all the re construction is complete and meets your approval, we will return all of your belongings and place them neatly in the center of the newly reconstructed rooms for you to place back where desired.

We then have one more walk through to make sure you are completely satisfied!