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So Clean Inc. is very cautious when it comes to cleaning your furniture. We offer two different methods of upholstery cleaning, Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning. The technician will determine the best way to clean upon inspection. These are the steps we take when performing any type of upholstery cleaning that you may be interested in:

  • Pre-inspection: identify type of fabric, color, and appropriate cleaning method.
  • Pre-vacuuming: thoroughly vacuum the furniture to remove dry and/or loose soil.
  • Spot treating: spots and stains as needed.
  • Cleaning Solutions: when needed, appropriate chemicals are applied to loosen dirt.
  • Rinse/Extract: using hot water extractors and the cleanest rinse possible, we will rinse and extract the cleaning solution, soil, and any residue from your furniture.

Deep Cleaning

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we offer a deep cleaning. It is a specially mixed solution that is sprayed on the item you are interested in having cleaned. This gives us a competitive edge in getting rid of those tough stains that have set in.


  • protect against future stains
  • spills blot up quickly & easily
  • upholstery cleaning is most effective
  • upholstery can stay cleaner longer, vacuuming is more effective!
  • accidents clean up much easier


Deodorizers are a product that helps neutralize odors. Our cleaning process is great, but sometimes it may be necessary to add a deodorizer to leave a great smell. We have several different scents to choose from. Ask your technician about it.

Drying Time

Dry time depends on how dirty the upholstery  was before cleaning. Normally it takes about 6-8 hours to dry, but it can vary.The weather and humidity have an affect on how long your item will take to dry. If you place a fan pointing towards the item you had cleaned dry time can be decreased significantly.

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