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We have a large supply of dehumidifiers and air movers to restore any size property. We have commercial and residential structural drying experience and have performed numerous water damage restoration projects in Michigan. No job is too small or large for So Clean. Each job will be treated with the same professionalism. So Clean Inc. has certified technicians to restore any disaster.

Many structures will be unable to be dried properly depending on the materials they are constructed with. Certain materials hold water for longer periods than others, this is where our reconstruction team comes in. Our licensed builders can repair any damaged structure and leave you with a whole new updated appearance.


We use injecti dry equipmentwhen drying a structure. Injecti dry is an industry standard in water restoration. Injecti dry tools can restore walls, floors, and ceilings.  This is achieved by injecting air between stud cavities. (or removing moist air with negative pressure). Injecti dry can save you time and money. Many companies can remain open with injecti-dry setup. The setup is not as bothersome as many would think.

We use only the best equipment!

Phoenix dehumidifiers are the best in the industry. By using modern equipment that performs exceptionally, we can guarantee customer satisfaction. Phoenix dehumidifiers are the best drying devices available, which is why we at So Clean Inc. utilize them. These units are known for delivering substantially drier air, between 16 and 30 gallons a day can be removed. Our machines use little power which saves you money. Drying out the structure is always our first priority to prevent any secondary damage.

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Our dehumidifiers reduce humidity much more than a standard machine. Ensuring the structure is dried properly is of great importance. Mold can thrive in damp dark area’s and be very harmful. Providing a safe environment is at the top of our goals. Making sure the structure is completely dry is key to the successful restoration.  You can rest easy knowing So Clean is IICRC certified. We can properly restore ANY disaster. Mold removal, flood cleanup, and water damage is no match for our trained professionals available 24 hours a day.

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