Summer is Coming Soon!

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The new year has passed us by, and in Southeast Michigan we are still dealing with that cold stuff falling from the sky. Although we have had a couple warmer days this year, the cold is still upon us. Living in Michigan you learn quickly how harsh the weather can be, from negative below zero temperatures to scorching heat in the summertime, we get to experience a wide variety of weather patterns. If you’ve never had a pipe burst due to the cold weather consider yourself lucky! If you should ever be faced with such a disaster, So Clean Inc. has handled numerous flooded properties located in Macomb, Oakland and St. Clair Counties.

Proudly serving Southeast Michigan since 2000, our business has expanded and grown to new heights we didnt even imagine. Our primary goal is to provide exceptional customer service along with some of the best craftsmanship in the industry. Surrounding ourselves with some of the most competent staff has allowed our business to thrive throughout the years, and recognize the value each and every person who is a part of our company.

Never hesitate to call with any questions that you might have, we also offer plumbing services through our sister company Drain Detectives, be sure to check them out as well!
(586) 726 – 2626

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Nationwide Disaster Team

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So Clean Inc. has launched a new specialized division which will handle disaster recovery across the USA.  Anytime there is a water damage disaster, So Clean Inc. will be ready to pick up the slack where smaller local companies are unable to keep up. Our company has been growing more and more, this seemed to be the only logical step forward to ensure that we help water damage disasters across the country.

Rain or shine, So Clean Inc. has a large qualified team of experienced technicians who are highly trained in the act of disaster recovery. When a natural disaster hits many times the local companies cannot keep up with the demand they have. This is where So Clean Inc. steps in and provides licensed, certified and insured disaster recovery, with years of experience you know you’re getting the very best work, completed to only the highest standards.


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Home Water Damage Cleanup & Prevention

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If you are looking to avoid water damage to your home, it might take some effort, but it will be worth it over time. Here are a few methods to assist in preventing water damage in your bathroom and kitchen.

Checking for hidden water leaks in your house is fairly simple and easy , it is very possible that you have one out of your house. Turn off all appliances which use water, head outdoors and take note of what your water meter says, and then leave the appliances off (do not use water whatsoever) not less than 1 hour. After the hour expires, look into the water meter again to see if the reading has changed. If it has, you probably possess a leak.

Check underneath your dishwasher to ascertain if the line that would go to it from the water pipes are not leaking. When there is standing water close to the base of the dishwasher, you have a leak. A different way to check for leaks here is to check if the materials round the dishwasher are discolored or warped in any way.

Your refrigerator is usually a culprit of water damage and mold, too, especially refrigerators with built-in ice makers. Sometimes the road to the ice maker bursts or ice accumulates close to the bottom from the door and keeps it from shutting all the way, leading to components of your freezer thawing. Guarantee the line towards the ice maker is connected firmly and doesn’t leak.

Sinks often need to be re-caulked around to avoid water damage and mold underneath the sink and on top of the counter.

In the bathroom, soft spots within the floors near the fringe of the bathtub or shower together with discoloration is really a sure manifestation of water damage. Re-caulking where the walls meet the floor or in which the walls meet the tub can help solve the issue. If you have tiled areas inside your bathroom, cracks in grout or places that it is missing may also cause damage.

The overflow of toilets is an obvious cause of water damage, even if it does not happen that often. Putting an excessive amount of toilet paper into toilets or any other objects in to the toilet may cause it to back up.

Deodorants that hang inside the toilet bowl are something that causes blocks within the plumbing, can block the line completely, and when it is chlorine-based, can cause the pipes to rust and lead to an additional leak.

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Septembers Rainy Days

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Hello fellow Michiganders, Michigan has had a great deal of rainfall for the month of September. The weather has been ideal for flooding, or sump pump backups. We like to keep up to date with the current weather conditions, and share the details with our web visitors. Currently Detroit has had almost 4 inches of precipitation for this month alone. Be sure to check your basements and make sure your sump pumps are working properly to avoid a flooded basement !  Should you be faced with a flooded basement So Clean Inc. has a solution for you at an affordable price. Dont hesitate to call immediately and prevent any secondary damage.

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Flood Preparation

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Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a flood:

  • Make an itemized list of personal property well in advance of a flood occurrance.
  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit containing: first aid kit, canned food and manual can opener, bottled water, extra clothing, rubber boots and gloves, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, battery operated radio, emergency cooking equipment, flashlight

    and batteries.

  • If you live in a flood prone area, keep sandbags, plastic sheets and lumber on hand to protect property. Install check valves in building sewer traps.
  • Know the elevation of your home in relation to nearby water routes and FEMA Flood zones.


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Macomb Flood Facts

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Flash floods are the number one weather-related killer in the United States. Many flash flood deaths occur when people drive or walk on roads and bridges that are covered by water. Even six inches of fast moving flood water can knock you off your feet, and a depth of only two feet will float many of today’s automobiles. The main locations within Macomb County that are most flood prone are:

  • North Avenue, between 21 and 26 Mile Roads
  • 21 Mile Road, west of North Avenue
  • 21 and 23 Mile Roads, at or near Romeo Plank
  • The City of Utica, West of Van Dyke, South of M-59 and East of Utica Road
  • Most parks and golf courses


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