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It is common for us to remove a large amount of debris and dirt from the air duct system of the average home. Without So Clean Inc. that material would be circulating throughout your house every time you turn the system on. Your air duct system allows dust and debris to settle in a warm, dark, dirty and damp place, which is a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and mildew to grow. All of these pollutants have the potential to be unhealthy.  Duct cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to remove harmful contaminates from your system. It is an integral part of the process of improving indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning Process!

Our skilled technician will connect a unique, truck-powered vacuum to your air duct system near the furnace. A powerful vacuum is created on the entire system, enabling us to effectively remove dust and contaminants. High pressure air hoses are ran through all the ductwork, from the register to the furnace. As the air is released through the hose, it scours the inside of the ducts further loosening any remaining dust, mold, and debris which is quickly removed. Furthermore we run whips, brushes, forward, and reverse balls throughout the system to help loosen and agitate the debris. Our truck mounted vacuum is over 150 times more powerful than a standard commercial vacuum. The vacuum is connected to the duct work near the furnace. This will remove material loosened in the duct system, carrying it directly to the truck.

Useful Duct Cleaning Facts!

Environmental Protection Agency studies show that indoor air may be as much as 100 times more polluted than outside air. Most people spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors. (American Lung Association) More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. The level of some hazardous pollutants in indoor air has been found to be up to 70 times greater than outdoor air. (EPA)

Studies have shown that 2 out of 3 indoor air quality problems involve the HVAC system. Mold, pollen, and dust are just a few of the ingredients that make up the refuge in your heating and air conditioning duct system. Air duct cleaning provides allergy relief, eliminates odors, reduce dust and house work. (EPA)

Dryer Vent Cleaning!

Regular cleaning of the dryer vent is recommended by the Fire Marshall yearly! Cleaning your dryer vent will improve the performance of your dryer and save you money. It will also greatly reduce the risk of a house fire caused by trapped lint. This additional service is highly recommended, not only will it be safer for your home, but provide more energy efficiency, for a greener future.

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